RWTH Aachen University

A significant focus for the production of materials from natural or anthropogenic resources lies on resource and energy efficiency as well as on resource availability. To develop interdisciplinary solution approaches to these complex challenges, the noncommercial network “Aachen Know-How Centre Resource Technology – AKR” was founded. It acts as a coordinated contact point for the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH). AKR brings together over 20 professors of the RWTH Aachen University, who contribute technical knowledge as well as know-how from the areas of resource legislation to resource economics.

The Aachen Know-How Centre has access to approx. 320 scientific assistants and 160 technical and administrative staff making it the world’s largest of its kind. Its organizational form allows the quick and uncomplicated initiation and completion of research projects in the area of resource technology. Additionally, a more intensive cooperation between the scientific and the practical world is intended through the establishment of an industrial advisory board. Moreover, AKR increases and focusses the public profile of Aachen’s resource experts.